Meeting the Ground

I’d support them while they talked amongst each other. They’d be sitting in those chairs laughing and letting time carry them to peaceful new beginnings.

I thought maybe they forgot about me. Many humans do. I just lay beneath and support the force of gravity from the North to the South Pole everyday since daylight and every night since moonlight.

So, yes when the human man laid on me I was surprised. He welcomed the ground (me) beneath him like he knew I’d been there all this time.

And I have, you know?

The ground beneath you to catch you when you need to rest and shut those heavy eyelids.

A place to meet whatever you want to move you from one place in the universe to another (even planes, helicopters, jets, rockets, drones eventually must come down to meet me if they stay in this planet’s hemisphere). I’m unavoidable and yet, you think I’ll always be here. I have a life too, just so you know. It’s just longer than yours will

Ever be.

The human woman kept walking around on top of me in an anxious rhythm but she caught sight of me holding him up with his arms and legs spread freely–and stopped. Then she laid beside him.

I don’t know why she did it but I know it was because of me.

Because I am a ground that does not discriminate, but only gives without yield or much consequence.

You are free to roam and create but yet some of you choose to stay on me for too long (or are forced to meet me) and I just can’t love you the same because of it.

Consider this, at 100 Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada laying on top of me is one of North America’s largest museums and Canada’s largest museum–The Royal Ontario Museum.

Inside of the building I support, along with its walls, the art, the displays holding and showcasing the art, the benches for people to rest, the cafeteria full of children, the childrens’ backpacks hanging from the wooden shelves–you’ll find rooms full of this world’s culture and history.

The main entrance to the museum faces Bloor Street located North of Queen’s Park in the University of Toronto district. This is what it looks like from behind a statue facing the main entrance:

On the top most level you’ll find an exhibit called “The Evidence Room”. Plated on the wall is the following explanation of the exhibit:

“In a landmark libel case in London, expert testimony provided architectural forensic evidence from the remains of the gas chambers and crematoria at Auschwitz, attesting to the truth of the Holocaust. In models and casts, The Evidence Room traces the work done by German architects between 1941 and 1943 to construct the Auschwitz Camp–a systematic factory for mass murder. The evidence points to the greatest crime committed by architects.”

The exhibit shows models of the doors, swinging open and closed to trap, then remove, what were once hundreds of dead human bodies. The human invention and its control belonged to the people who I supported above. The humans above forced the other humans below. Once below, the humans above would trap the ones below. The ones below listened as hydrogen cyanide pellets fell and soon a gas emerged. The gas did something to the humans below and they wouldn’t breathe anymore after breathing the gas. Sometimes numbers of up to 2,000 would go through the chamber to die at one time.

The ground wouldn’t be good enough for these bodies so you’ll also find evidence of the crematoria in the photos hanging from the walls I’m holding up. The crematoria being the location the humans above ground created to burn the dead human bodies falling to meet me to their death.

I remember this moment in time and even though I still did not discriminate yet another human invention, after they forced the planet’s soil to the sides and forced the other humans inside to die, I wondered if I had been in on the crime. Without me, where would all of those human bodies have laid to die?

I embraced these two creatures as I embrace any and all of you. You who stop to lay out and cease the moment. The moment of appreciation for me. For me being here all this time to witness you carry your hearts as I carry you to what they desire.

I am vast and I am true to my cause. Truth recognizes truth. I support the weight of this world, including its pasts, presents, and supposed-to-be futures, whether you see me or not.

But when you do notice me, I welcome you back to the moment. It just seems like I am only seen by some of you.

And many of you force others to meet me–the ones who should be running across my lands with freedom, love, and acceptance.

The innocent ones.

Photos below taken from the following website:

Here is another link with details on what exactly a U.S. migrant detainee facility is and its comparison to a concentration camp, like Auschwitz:

The most astounding fact I noted in the article above was the progress of Judge Dolly Gee:

“Immigration advocates fought back, and last year in the Federal District Court for the Central District of California, Judge Dolly Gee made a ruling that helped their case. In her decision last July, the judge said the centers were in “deplorable” condition, and that they failed to meet even minimal standards. Gee pointed to a 1997 ruling that determined the government cannot treat a child in detention as it would an adult. She ordered the Obama administration to release the migrant kids from both Texas centers.”

Even she argued the conditions of the detainee facilities as deplorable, which means the conditions subject the “detainees” or children, to feelings of unworthiness, dishonor, and shame.

Come on America–

How many more must meet the ground for us to feel it beneath us?

With Love,

Kelsey With Some Jo ❤


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