Bottle of Honey

People love to talk about other people

and it’s either crude or annoying.

There’s more to talk about than

her and they and that politician.

It’s better for open conversation

like a gift exchange

and I get that intimacy with

unfamiliar acquaintances—

the ones you would never expect…

Yet, even they are unreliable

and selfish.

But we talk about ideas, insights,

or we share new gestures—

new moments to play back

for later.

I get it mostly from men—


to the people who talk about people

I’m a poor girl looking to become

or needing to look to become

something married.

But I did it.

So the guys now are like a

bottle of empty honey

and it’s probably time

I throw it away.

Instead I scrape at the sides

and leave it upside down,

let it drip slowly to the lid.

The sweetest honey

is at the bottom of a empty bottle.

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