It was all good

Till we got caught

The city

Always asks a lot


Some smoke

Let’s make it

Hood enough


Itch a lot

When they itch

You go get faded

Lose yourself

Think you’re jaded

In reality

You’re just playing

It’s part of

What makes you


I’m not saying you

The devil

I know the devil

He ain’t you

You know

I’m just playing

People say never talk

Bout satan

My bro be talkin

bout satan

But he ain’t playin

So much Satan

Make me think

God I love what you


With my Tims and

My mind

When it gets to

What must be said


I only finish

When I’m free enough

Like how you

Be actin tough

But I see you crying

When I tell you

What is up

And how the role


When the police show up

Twist and turn

Fly easy

Here the truck

Full of ice

Creamin just got easy

Get me a swirl

That pops up

Nice and easy

You’re fearless

Thanks for nothin

God bless

And take it easy

Hi, Friend. Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed reading It was all good, check out the poem I wrote below. You are loved. 💛

– Kelsey Jo

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