This girl was shopping at a store one day

When a man ran in with a gun

and she thought to run but instead

she hid inside a clothing rack

and got real quiet, her heart was shook

4 people died, and 2 others shot

But that clothing rack

Kept her safe and so she stayed

For four whole days

She kept real quiet

While the store was closed

And some time after

She walked out side

She felt she died but was still alive

And she didn’t know what to do

Her car for some reason or another

was still in the parking lot

From the day the gunner

shot up the store

She got inside, a little unsure

But when she started the car

All she could do was think to drive

She cried and she drove

She cried and she drove, then she prayed

For the gunner who died soon after

He killed those people

And the police didn’t resent

He took a bullet straight

To the heart

What about him?

She thought

What about his family?

Woah, I’m alive.

And so it goes sometimes

In life

A gunner runs in

To shoot up what’s alive

And while we hide

We find ourselves

And we find something

Inside that says Love is

And that Love is

Enough to make you

Cry and drive

Cry and drive

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