I stayed inside

My little shell

I stayed

Inside my shell

And the sand

And the leaves

On the palm trees

Sprayed beneath

Into my ocean dreams

Palm trees

A piece of me

Slave ships

And white skin

All over me

But yet there

Living inside of


What a shell

What a story

To tell

Inspired by Fatoumata Diawara’s Kokoro, “Kokoro, which means ancestral heritage in Bambara, Fatoumata says ‘Why are we not proud of who we are? We are black Africans, descendants of Sunjata Keita, the emperor of the Mandé people. We have our own culture and civilisation, which we must be proud of. Instead, we want to look like Westerners, Chinese, Asians, and Arabs by bleaching our skin, selling off our land and resources, and adopting their fashions. As a result, we are lost and our traditions escape us. So who will come to defend our African dignity in our place?’” – https://circuitsweet.co.uk/2018/04/fatoumata-diawara-shares-new-track-kokoro/

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