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Why a side of Jo?

Jo is my middle name!

Google says I’m named after a Scottish word meaning “sweetheart”.

My mom says I’m named after Grandma JoAnn and Great-Grandpa always called Grandma JoAnn, “Jo”.

She believed even the smallest faith could move mountains.

We all have mountains.

I hope my blog gives you courage to believe in the impossible and know wherever you are in life, it’s never too late to take action.

When wealthy people face a mountain they don’t say, “Oh my! Look at the size of this mountain!” No–a mountain to them is merely an obstacle without a size or category. When your problems turn in to obstacles, mountains begin to move.

You become unstoppable.

Don’t know where to start? Or don’t know who you are?

Ask yourself,

“If you were not successful at getting your way in seeing things out into the world, what is it the world would have lost?”

– Gerald Sindell

For me the loss would be my words.


All the photos in my posts are actual places I’ve been and photos I snapped. Each photo contains its own hidden personal message, however I urge my readers to find their own meaning in the photos taken from my life.

Be Blessed,

Kelsey With Some Jo ❤

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