My Millionaire Mentors: Learn and Earn with NewTycoon!

“At any moment the decision you make can change the course of your future forever.”

– Tony Robbins

Do you want to learn from the wealthiest and most successful people in the world? Are you ready to stop dreaming and to take action?

You are one decision away!

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“Your mentors in life are important, so choose them wisely.”

– Robert Kiyosaki

My first millionaire mentor, Thomas Tadlock, taught me how to open myself up to opportunities and embrace the downpour of success already happening around me! All I needed to do was close my umbrella of fears, doubts, hesitancy, lack of confidence, and skepticism.

Did you know 50% of everything you know right now was formed by the time you were 5-years-old?


That means half of what makes you, YOU came from the people who raised you, your parents, your extended family, your teachers, religious leaders, community members–and you had no control whatsoever in any of that!

Thomas helped me identify some of my negative and false beliefs about money from my own childhood.

Some of what I heard about money from the adults who raised me included:

“What do you think I am? A money machine?”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“I need to wait until I get paid.”

“We can’t afford that.”

“If you want money, then you have to get a job.”

“Money gives me freedom to do what I want, but comes before you.”

“Money buys love.”

“Money isn’t everything.”

“Money makes you greedy.”

“I just never have enough money.”

“It takes money to make money.”

“You have to work really hard to have a lot of money.”

“College is the only way to make good money (and I don’t mean an art degree).”

Before I met Thomas, I believed being rich meant I had to work all day long, all days of the year; I believed money could not be found and being rich was only reserved for certain people and those certain people were more than likely greedy; I believed being rich meant I would choose money over people I love; I believed a B.S. degree was the only way someone could be financially free; I believed a payday and 9-5 job was the only way to success; I believed I would fail and be irresponsible if I became rich; I believed I would not be able to keep my wealth if I became wealthy; and I believed IT TOOK MONEY TO MAKE MONEY.

If you didn’t know this already, let me tell you: Most Beliefs Are Lies!

“Where You Are Right Now

Is Exactly Where YOU BELIEVE

You Are Supposed To Be.”

– Lisa Lieberman-Wang


Whether you’re a spender, saver, avoider, or monk (believer that money is the root of ALL evil), you can overcome your false beliefs and start toward a future of financial freedom today, right now! In the three days I spent with Thomas, I learned how to budget and manage my money, how to create the exact amount of my financial success, and how to become a generous giver AND an excellent receiver (very important, some of you are GREAT at giving, but won’t take anything from anyone–one key to wealth is to be willing and ready to RECEIVE).

Thomas Tadlock
Thomas Tadlock at the Millionaire Mind Intensive. My first millionaire mentor. ❤

After attending his first MMI (Millionaire Mind Intensive), Thomas enrolled in the courses offered at the link below and became an author, speaker, and internationally recognized trainer and mentor for health, fitness, and personal development.

Here is a link to his website:

Mamie Lamley is one of my millionaire mentors today. She is dynamic, real, heart-centered, knowledgeable, and inspirational!

After overcoming cancer, she was left with more than $50,000 of medical-related debt. She felt afraid, hopeless, and discouraged when she attended her first Millionaire Mind Intensive. She enrolled in the courses offered at the link below and paid off all of her debt! She is now inspiring women all around the world to live lives of meaning through her company, Empowerment on Fire LLC, and is a NewTycoon Ambassador!

Mamie and Me
Mamie Lamley and me at the Master of Influence Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Lisa Lieberman-Wang is my personal life coach, mentor, and hero.

At 30-years-old she retired. She seemed to have the perfect life, until her hidden secret leaked out. Lisa had struggled with Bulimia for more than ten years, consuming an average of 18,000 calories a day and then losing it all! She went to psychiatrists, counselors, and attended courses to overcome her eating-disorder. It wasn’t until she attended Tony Robbins’s workshop in Hawaii–suicidal, broken, and lost–she finally let go of all of the “stuff” from her childhood. She considers herself a reformed perfectionist and now helps people all around the world learn how to end and overcome self-sabotage. She uses psychology, neuroscience, and linguistics to uncover the truths behind the lies we tell ourselves–the “roots” of our beliefs keeping us from success, happiness, and wholeness.

When she spoke at the Master of Influence Conference in Los Angeles, CA, I knew I finally found the woman who would show me HOW to empty the baggage of “stuff” I carried everywhere I went. From childhood traumas, failures, and my own loss of identity to battling chronic pain and inflammation associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis, she has already changed my life.

Lisa always says,

“If you say you’re trying, you’re lying.”


“When you’re in your head you’re dead, when you’re in your heart you’re smart.”

Fine to Fab with Lisa
Lisa Lieberman-Wang and me at the Master of Influence Conference in Los Angeles, CA. My hero! Holding a copy of her life-changing book “F.I.N.E. to FAB.” (Get your copy today at the Amazon link included below.)
Lisa and me Zoom Group Call
Lisa and me on our first video call. The first time I officially “let go” of my past. ❤

Stay tuned for more posts about what I am learning from Lisa!

Her book “F.I.N.E to FAB” can be purchased here:

The courses at NewTycoon help you get more in your heartand let go of all the lies you’ve told yourself about who you are, where you’re going, and what you’re capable of achieving!

The courses provide you with a way to learn-on-the-go straight from your mobile deviceand give you hundreds of networking opportunities with multi-millionaires and people like yourself!

Whether you be an entrepreneur, aspiring author, trainer, sales representative, or business owner you can learn more about how to increase your bottom-line, how to train, grow your confidence, write and publish a book, invest, and so much more!

Email me to learn more or visit the link below! ❤

You are only one decision away from a future YOU create.

With Love,

Kelsey With Some Jo ❤

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