Out of the box

Remember these four walls

Remember the sound of songs

Before the walls caved silence

A space among the walls

And corners kept you scared

Maybe a hold would be there

You’d escape into a bigger room

And the box would be left

As it was consumed by you

But the corners you avoided

The most you stayed away

Because in the corner you thought

Another way about the walls

Breaking free from it all

The box expanded and nothing

Kept you in between four walls

And the corners fell and sunk

And you gave up the box

The box was left outside you

The one within became you

Outside the box, all around you

Corners could not phase you

Not Far

Here again

Heavy air

A swinging door

Carpeted floor

An altar

A cross

Chairs lined

Bows tied

Fans blowing

Balloons and streamers

Hanging from lights

And here again

Back in your safety

Back in your arms

Just pray you don’t

Take too long

I’m bleeding scars

On scars

Cause they’re not

Mine but not far

Yet here again

With you

For you


I adore you