Two, Three, One

Two steps forward

Three steps back

One giant leap for mankind

Two parts now

Three parts past

One future graced by time

Two parts within

Three parts designed

One God of stars above

Two tries

Three chances

One destiny of love




Life sometimes kicks you in the stomach, but it makes a difference to know where the kick is coming from. This life is not physical, my friend. This life is spiritual. God bless you that your spiritual eyes and heart might be opened to the source of love and peace.


Out of the box

Remember these four walls

Remember the sound of songs

Before the walls caved silence

A space among the walls

And corners kept you scared

Maybe a hold would be there

You’d escape into a bigger room

And the box would be left

As it was consumed by you

But the corners you avoided

The most you stayed away

Because in the corner you thought

Another way about the walls

Breaking free from it all

The box expanded and nothing

Kept you in between four walls

And the corners fell and sunk

And you gave up the box

The box was left outside you

The one within became you

Outside the box, all around you

Corners could not phase you


Not Far

Here again

Heavy air

A swinging door

Carpeted floor

An altar

A cross

Chairs lined

Bows tied

Fans blowing

Balloons and streamers

Hanging from lights

And here again

Back in your safety

Back in your arms

Just pray you don’t

Take too long

I’m bleeding scars

On scars

Cause they’re not

Mine but not far

Yet here again

With you

For you


I adore you


Just One

I don’t believe that

Just one

Is all it takes

But I believe it

For myself

With some things

First it was the weed

Then came the whiskey

And before you know

It got me

It doesn’t matter

For everyone to hear this

But for some

Who are where I

Used to sit

Or have sat there


It’s a curious thing

To hear from me

Since somehow

I got free

I thought I was free

I thought that numb

High, tingly

Feeling was free

Sobriety is free

And it’s just one

Kind of free

That is free


Starry Eyes

Starry eyes are a delight

When all is chaos and assuming

Starry eyes are beyond the soul

With openness, slowly letting go

No more regrets, or tragedy

Peace within the starry soul

Starry eyes are still and sure

Bound to God’s love and loved

Starry eyes make weaknesses

A fortress for Strength from above

Starry eyes are a delight

When all is chaos and assuming

God help the starry soul

From drifting


Poetic Letter

For religion’s sake

To believe Jesus

Is flesh and bone

Is to say

God is not

The same



And forever

That God is not

Here now

Right now

As you read

The words of this

Poetic letter

The Bible

Says the word

Became flesh

And the word

Was with God

And the word

Was God

And the word

Is living

And loving

The word is true

I love the word

I love how it flows

From me to you

A poetic letter

God placed within

To change the lies

And remind

God within

God created

God purposed

God fashioned

God moved

To put it bluntly

I’ve lived life

The way of the world

The way I was shown

The way I had known

The way I chose

This world

Is nothing but a lie

And truth survives


Feel Part 2

If you’re not feeling

You’re feeling nothing

I was in my feelings

And all of the feelings

A path left for

Generations to chase

My feelings told me what

I would’ve chased

And my feelings kept

Me feeling connected

To my race

Thank God for feelings

In all the right places

And that means all


Thank you, God

For what’s more

Than what I feel

And endure

Feelings never stop

Never press go

Only hit the flow

Every day

Every minute

Feeling is for sinners

And we’re all sinners

Feeling feelings

Every minute

Free every day

His Love endures


I feel to consider,

Am I operating from


Or faith?


Will move mountains



Refuse to go it alone

Refuse to think it can’t happen

Refuse to self-sabotage joy

Refuse to say those bitter words

Refuse to believe that lie

Refuse to see yourself unworthy

Refuse to be silent

Refuse to blame the other guy

Refuse to compare yourself

Refuse to live for fake acceptance

Refuse to think you know everything

Refuse to fall and stay down

Refuse to stay out of the arena

Refuse to say no to trying

Refuse to say no to trying again

Refuse to say no to trying again

Refuse to put the paper down

Refuse to throw away the pen

Refuse to run from your messes

Refuse to ignore responsibility

Refuse to live a lie

Refuse to do nothing



It’s better to be free

Knowing bondage

Than to be bound

And not know

You’re bound

In a tree, in a thing

In a thought

In a mistaken you

From the you from


You know the


But that’s how you


What you know is something

Kind of


I mean you’re bound

Don’t you wanna know

What it’s like to be