Out of the box

Remember these four walls

Remember the sound of songs

Before the walls caved silence

A space among the walls

And corners kept you scared

Maybe a hold would be there

You’d escape into a bigger room

And the box would be left

As it was consumed by you

But the corners you avoided

The most you stayed away

Because in the corner you thought

Another way about the walls

Breaking free from it all

The box expanded and nothing

Kept you in between four walls

And the corners fell and sunk

And you gave up the box

The box was left outside you

The one within became you

Outside the box, all around you

Corners could not phase you



When I open my eyes

And the sun rise

And new life

Speak love to me

I sometimes see

Problems yesterday and


Might be

But then

The sun


Makes everything to cease

The rain, the yesterday

The way back whens

The heartache

The ugly side to me

And well,

Without this


I don’t know where

I’d be



Refuse to go it alone

Refuse to think it can’t happen

Refuse to self-sabotage joy

Refuse to say those bitter words

Refuse to believe that lie

Refuse to see yourself unworthy

Refuse to be silent

Refuse to blame the other guy

Refuse to compare yourself

Refuse to live for fake acceptance

Refuse to think you know everything

Refuse to fall and stay down

Refuse to stay out of the arena

Refuse to say no to trying

Refuse to say no to trying again

Refuse to say no to trying again

Refuse to put the paper down

Refuse to throw away the pen

Refuse to run from your messes

Refuse to ignore responsibility

Refuse to live a lie

Refuse to do nothing



It’s backward, it’s forward

It’s never quite still, but yet still

It’s lost, it’s bewildered

And it’s loved beyond bounds

It’s home, it’s searching, it’s remembering

It’s carrying, it’s inspiring, it’s creating

It’s me

It’s you

It’s adored

It’s explored

It’s someone

Not seen but believed

And alive

It’s the life you give

And take to survive

It’s a soul

It’s fate

It’s destiny

Wrapped around the heart

Of mankind



It’s better to be free

Knowing bondage

Than to be bound

And not know

You’re bound

In a tree, in a thing

In a thought

In a mistaken you

From the you from


You know the


But that’s how you


What you know is something

Kind of


I mean you’re bound

Don’t you wanna know

What it’s like to be





Mountains are for babies

Because they cradle

Like a mother’s arms

And just for a moment

You’re fearless like a baby

Growing to know no fear

Safe from before

But even then

When you’re grown

They still promise

A sunrise and sunset

And a start

And finish to home

But we know fearless

Is not safe

The mountain then

Is more than a cradle

It’s a keeper

And it can only keep so far

The mountain

It’s too exotic

Like a mother’s arms

It will only cradle so long

Keeping without time


It loves its babies

Kept safe inside

For Scarlett, my sissy ❤


Dead and Alive

I once heard a story

About a widow

Whose husband

Was still alive

He hadn’t died

Like dead

But his mind



And he was paralyzed



The widow

Wasn’t having none

Of her husband’s mind

Gone dead and quiet

She started asking


And he started to respond





The more she asked

The more he answered

The more he answered

The more he thought

The more he thought

The more he created

The more he created

The more he became

The more he became

The more he loved

The widow never widowed

And the husband


His mind reawakened

From a broken pain

All because of

Her asking questions

He came alive


Choose to Live

In almost every city

I lost my youth

I made some friends

Then on I went

No worry or dread

Then there was

Sometimes in every

Other city or two

I got swept away

And started to dream

I’d dream and dream

Until I went blind

And my life became

Bright city lights

And trying to survive

I lost my values

And I lost my youth

Only to find

A stronger me

And some truth

The truth is this,

I thank God

For bright city lights

And people who choose

To live

Instead of to survive


Never Have I Ever

Have you ever been

inside a cage

with closed doors

on the walls and

also the floors?

Have you ever stood

behind a table

with hungry men

staring at you

from each end?

Have you ever laughed

at a love so parallel

yet so alive

and perpendicular

you’re grateful for hell?

Have you ever thought

just a bit too hard

to run from love

and still

love so hard?

Have you ever?

Never have I Ever


Ocean and Trees

When the world inside you

is shouting

with all its might.


it feels good

to stay inside.


it feels good

to hide.


it feels good

to lose your mind.

It’s not something

you want to repeat

but then

it repeats

and repeats

it doesn’t stop.

The thoughts are never ending,

the phase so incomplete

just repeating.

The truth starts to reckon

And you start thinking

And thinking

And thinking

Going further out to sea.

You then find yourself

in the dark

with the water all around.

You see the moonlight

high in the sky

it’s all that can be found.

The moon whispers,

“I get how it feels too.

I know how to swim

and drown too.

Nothing to balance.

The water all around.

Just me shining down.”

So then

I put an end

to what feels good.

I choose to swim.

I choose to feel pain

No longer hiding

I embrace.

I choose to repeat the phase

from a new place.

Then I find myself

in the trees

no longer in the ocean


No longer pushing

to feel good,

I feel free



“See the forest for the trees.”

– John Heywood 🍃



And so the story goes

This girl she rose

From counting petals

On dirty floors

To writing her story

From tower doors

She grew loud

And quiet

Kept away

No longer slave

To what could be

Or how she could

Make the story bleed

From written words

To truth she told

Her story bold


Misfit Girl

I saw the world

From the eyes of a misfit girl

Full of limitations, disappointments, fear


But then, my eyes were widened

To a pop

And the world spilled out some truth


So, I took notice

And I saw the world

And how it measured


Truth is:

It wasn’t fitting

It was missing


It was lost

And gone forever


When I saw this


I lost the



I lost the girl

And the world

From the eyes of a misfit girl