Martin Luther King

for me

Martin Luther King

for you

Martin Luther King

for the love

of justice

and truth

Martin Luther King

I miss you

I miss your

mission and bravery

Could it still be true?

I see it in some



it’s just empty

blank and blind

There’s still judgement

and murder too



Modern day slavery

We stay brave

for you

We are brave


it’s true

Never Have I Ever

Have you ever been

inside a cage

with closed doors

on the walls and

also the floors?

Have you ever stood

behind a table

with hungry men

staring at you

from each end?

Have you ever laughed

at a love so parallel

yet so alive

and perpendicular

you’re grateful for hell?

Have you ever thought

just a bit too hard

to run from love

and still

love so hard?

Have you ever?

Never have I Ever

Ocean and Trees

When the world inside you

is shouting

with all its might.


it feels good

to stay inside.


it feels good

to hide.


it feels good

to lose your mind.

It’s not something

you want to repeat

but then

it repeats

and repeats

it doesn’t stop.

The thoughts are never ending,

the phase so incomplete

just repeating.

The truth starts to reckon

And you start thinking

And thinking

And thinking

Going further out to sea.

You then find yourself

in the dark

with the water all around.

You see the moonlight

high in the sky

it’s all that can be found.

The moon whispers,

“I get how it feels too.

I know how to swim

and drown too.

Nothing to balance.

The water all around.

Just me shining down.”

So then

I put an end

to what feels good.

I choose to swim.

I choose to feel pain

No longer hiding

I embrace.

I choose to repeat the phase

from a new place.

Then I find myself

in the trees

no longer in the ocean


No longer pushing

to feel good,

I feel free



“See the forest for the trees.”

– John Heywood 🍃